About Us

In 1974 Mr. Brooks accepted a position with Black and Veatch Consulting Engineers as a Scientific Engineering Programmer where he became certified to write and maintain computer software in the construction and operation of Nuclear Fueled Power Plants. While at the engineering firm Mr. Brooks designed heating and cooling coil selection software that provided response data for heating and cooling facilities for Nuclear Fueled Power Plants prior to construction. Mr. Brooks was also the Project Officer for many business related projects such as charge back systems which summarized computer utilization by individual projects within the firm.

Brooks Computing Systems was organized in Kansas City Missouri by our CEO Mr. Arch Brooks in May of 1977. Since inception Brooks Computing Systems has assisted numerous Information Management and Information Technology indices with a myriad of endeavors including application maintenance thru authoring complete software systems and associated sub system. These efforts were documented by using not less than five life cycle management methodologies.

Mr. Brooks served as an Airline Executive for Trans World Airlines before accepting a Congressional Appointment with the Department of Defense in Alexandria Virginia. In the early eighties while serving as Computer Specialist for the DOD, Mr. Brooks became a certified Statistical Analysis Systems Engineer per the SAS Institute in Research Triangle Park, NC. This certification allowed

Mr. Brooks to lead the Performance Measurement and Capacity Planning effort for DOD. In that capacity Mr. Brooks and his team was responsible for providing performance measurement and capacity planning for several Major Subordinate Design Activates.