BCS Video Viewer

  BCS Video Viewer

  Allows the uesr to view videos.

This application is designed to view videos. The user selects the subject directory and the application provides the user with a list of directories and a list of files.

When you double click on the directories control a drill down is performed and the list of files associated with that directory appears in a separate dialog.

When you double click on a files control the items selected will execute.

Invoke the pop up menu on either list to reveal the capability to perform a delete function. A delete capability is available for directories and file. The user is prompted before completing all delete functions.

  Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer

Unit Description
BCSGetHdStylesU Unit Name: BCSGetHdStylesU
BCSGetHdU Unit Name: BCSGetHdU
BCSListFileU Unit Name: BCSListFileU
BCSPlaViddp Unit Name: BCSPlaViddp
BCSPlaVidml Program Name: BCSPlaVidml
BCSPlaVidStylesU Unit Name: BCSPlaVidStylesU
BCSPlaVidU Unit Name: BCSPlaVidU

BCS Video Viewer

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