BCS Install Anaconda on Ubuntu

Anaconda is the preferred approach for Python development on the Linux platform. To install Anaconda visit the web site and download the latest version. Click here for the Linux download.

The resulting shell script is lengthy and upon download completion the script must be marked as an executable file.

Execution of the script is the next process to be considered and it is accomplished by executing the command listed below.


Open a terminal and execute the command.

conda -V

If the version is not displayed you probably need to modify the path so the command may be found.

export PATH=/home/archman/anaconda3a/bin:$PATH

The installation process can be completed by issuing the following commands.

conda update conda
conda update python
conda update spyder
conda install django

Successful execution of these commands will ensure the latest versions of Anaconda, Python, Spyder and Django are installed and made ready for subsequent development.

Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems, LLC authored this article.

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