BCS Create New Project Grails, Rails & Yii

There are some interesting developments in software engineering. This tool offers a GUI for developing projects for the Grails, Rails and Yii frameworks. Basically this GUI provides communications to establish a target path then invoke the Grails, Rails or Yii project generation feature that includes all associated underpinnings for the three development frameworks.

This is accomplished by providing a bridge to the command line interface relieving the designer from the task of pounding in command line information.

There is a published video that explains how this application functions. The difference is the Yii interface has been added. To start the Yii project creation select the web root as the destination path. Remember to enter the desired project name.

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BCS Ubuntu Boot Up

Because it may not be clear how to start desired tasks when Ubuntu 10.10 boots up this article gives clear direction on how to start desired tasks at Ubuntu boot up.

In /etc/rc.local, the following line should start up Tomcat on reboot:


Any other applications or sub systems can be started in a similar fashion by placing the start up command(s) after existing start up command(s).

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BCS ROR MySQL Windows 7

To use MySQL with Ruby On Rails (Ruby 1.9.2 Rails 3.0.7) is ridiculous because Rails generates code that will not work without modification.  Even when you tell Rails you want to use MySQL via the -d option the wrong and erroneous code is generated.  How intelligent is that?

Make sure the code for MySQL for rails in properly installed.  Open the command prompt and issue the following command.

gem install mysql

After the successful install go to your choice location where you store your applications and create your project.

Because Rails produces buggy and incorrect code you have to manually change all references of mysql2 to mysql in two files.  The first file needing this modification is Gemfile and database.yml.

I have authored a Delphi GUI application that frees me from this command line drudgery and making changes to the required files.  Let me know if such a tool interest you.  If my response is respectable I will make the tool generally available.

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BCS Delphi Source Code Generator 001

In this series of articles we will discuss the component parts of Delphi source code and the requirements that render the code syntactically correct.

We will construct a fully operational skeleton system then establish a naming convention that will facilitate cloning of the component parts in such a manner that a newly created error free source code is yielded.

The initial installation will use text skeleton code as a base line.  There may exist more sophisticated means of producing the same results without the skeletons but for now we will use text skeletons for expediency’s sake.  I imagine a lengthy discussion of the idiosyncrasies of text skeletons vs imbedded skeleton as well as other possible scenarios exists.

While health debates can prove to be quite useful we have a project to complete and we should stay on target.

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BCS Execute Batch Files Using BCSWinExecNWait

There are those time when it is necessary to execute a batch file from within Delphi. Also in many cases before further processes continue we need to make sure the batch file is finish.

The key to success in this endeavor is to execute a batch file you want to use cmd.exe as the program to execute with the /c Drive:\batfilepath\batfilename.bat parameter options.

sr in the example below contains the value of the ComSpec variable.  We use this approach to ensure success execution regardless of system type and system configuration.

sr := GetEnvironmentVariable('ComSpec');

Once the sr variable is populated you can continue to execute the batch file by using the following commands.  Of course RExecute and RCommand are both properties with the type of string.

BCSWinExecNWaitdp1.RExecute := sr;
    BCSWinExecNWaitdp1.RCommand := '/c ' + batpath + '\' + 'batfile.bat';

This combination of commands should produce the results you desire.

Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.

Embarcadero Rad Studio Capabilities

The Embarcadero Rad Studio XE is one of the most powerful and most flexible development environments available. The suite masters many information management technologies and preferred disciplines. The web capability in Rad Studio offers a plethora of technical possibilities and solutions that would make any software vendor envious.

Of course Delphi Prism offers the familiarity of Delphi with software development for the Dot Net platforms.

If you happen to be a PhP fan then RadPHP is the tool for you. In addition to the overall RadPHP environment the VCL is present and can be leveraged in numerous ways. Also there are interfaces for existing social sites that will remain nameless for now but I am sure they will fit your requirements.

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I Am Not Impressed With Ruby On Rails

To install and use Ruby and Rails entails the most convoluted process known to information management. Like most pseudo technicians the setup for Ruby and Rails requires that you cleave the command line and that is a crock!

You set up Ruby and all its weird versioning then you setup Rails and that is more crap. At this point you are still not ready to rock. Now you have to set up the developer’s kit. That developer’s kit installation is clear as mud and for the most part undocumented.

It is a good thing I have Grails installed and have reliable development environment ready to hit the ground and be productive until I can figure out all this Rails convoluted mess!

Unlike Rails once I have Grails installed there are no other add on to install. One install and you are ready to rock! That install is accomplished with the windows installer and there is no command line foolishness.

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BCS FTP Server For Ubuntu

There are those occasions when the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is desirable. The Webmin web administration GUI does an excellent job of allowing FTP in two areas of the GUI.

I did not notice a facility which allows an entire directory to be uploaded with a single command.

FileZilla has an excellent interface for this level of support.

The basic installation of Ubuntu does not allow for FTP unless you use a package Pro FTP.

To install the FTP Pro issue the following command as listed below.

sudo aptitude install proftpd

The Pro FTP does not allow root access to the account. If you do not have another account use Webmin GUI to configure PRO FTP to create a new FTP user.

Once the user has been created the FileZilla interface can be used at port 21.

Mr. Arch Brooks, Software Engineer, Brooks Computing Systems authored this article.