BCS STS Grails And Flash Builder

The Flash Builder plugin is fully functional with the 32 bit version of SpringSource Tool Suite.

Basically this combination harnesses the power of Grails for Flex Builder code generation.  Spring security is available for all generated applications.  The Flex Scaffolding plugin capability is also available for all generated applications.

This combination provides the technician with an excellent dynamic development platform.

Grails And Flex Applications

The state of software engineering has evolved to the point where design and development tools perform perfunctory task and project configurations.  This level of framework frees the technician from mundane activities and allows the technician to focus on design and delivery of the end end user solution.

You can download the free SpringSource Tool Suite here.

The documentation for Grails and Flex Plugin is here.

The documentation for Grails Flex Scaffold is here.

Grails Coding By Convention

Convention over configuration (aka coding by convention) is a software design paradigm which seeks to decrease the number of decisions that developers need to make, gaining simplicity, but not necessarily losing flexibility.

Couple GORM Grails Object-Relational Manager with Grails to yield a one short line of source code to instantiate and instance of CRUD for any class (or table) in the project.

The dynamic language Groovy produces Java source code with a high degree of efficiency.  The technicians only requirement is to learn the Grails framework and its idiosyncrasies.

Delphi Expertise

53 various articles have been authored and published on the CodeGear site since 2005  resulting in 9,978 downloads.

Authored Delphi Source Code Generators since TurboVision throughout Delphi XE.  Code generator commences when the technician invokes the generator and performs data entry into a dialog.  Subsequently a fully functional Delphi source code application with mainline,  dialog, component creator and tester, ADO data support and Rave report is generated. The output has zero errors and zero defects. Compile the source code in Delphi and it runs every time. The technician did not write a single line of code the computer via the BCS Code Generator wrote every line of the code. You can view a video of the BCS Delphi Source Code Generator here.

Digital videos are produced and edited that capture all mouse and keystrokes while activities are narrated. Storyboards and scripts can be produced to promote almost any digital scenario. This technology is also employed as a primary training tool for anyone desiring or requiring technical or functional training.

Recently authored code and video to demonstrate how to effectively employ ActiveX to Delphi Components which allows VCL’s to become weblications.  These VCL’s employ ADO for its data connectivity.  A video of this activity may be viewed here.

YouTube Video Library here.
CodeGear Code Central Articles here.
LinkedIn Delphi Discussion Group Manager here.
Source Forge (Open Source Projects) here.

Ubuntu Development Stack

Ubuntu system must be operational with a connection to the Internet for this procedure to be successful. There is a way to establish this development stack without being connected to the Internet but that approach will be covered in another blog article.

The first item in the agenda is to install lamp on the stack.

A useful link for explaining the steps for this activity may be found here.

Next we should install the JDK.  I found helpful information here.  Basically this is accomplished by a one line SUDO command.

Install the Eclipse IDE by issuing the following command “sudo apt-get install eclipse” (minus double quotes) and the command line and press enter.

The next step is to install the Spring Source Tool Suite the download information may be found here.  Follow the instructions to make sure STS is configured properly.

When this is complete you now have a superior Java development platform with a few added whistles and bells.